Housing for returning citizens has been at critical mass for decades and program based residential reentry is much needed as laws and social changes occur. The realization of this fact is why  Esther Project 31 & Restoration ABBA are working together  through collaborative efforts to or achieve housing services successfully . 


Residential Reentry

There is no sinner beyond God’s ability to redeem, renew, restore and regenerate!

Restoration Abba Homes are a non-denominational Christian aftercare established for helping former offenders reentering society from prison. We offer assistance in job placement, life skills, mentoring accountability and building healthy relationships. Men and Women are required to maintain a full-time job, attend various classes and activities throughout the week and reimburse expenses averaging $125 per week. They learn to budget their finances to ensure they adequate savings to become self-sufficient by the end of their stay.

At Restoration ABBA Homes , we minister to the whole person as they become Christ-centered, learning to live honorably and become distributors of the Kingdom of Heaven.

  • The length of stay is open-ended with a minimum of a one year commitment.

  • Anyone interested in Restoration ABBA Homes must review and respond to our pre-application letter prior to receiving our application.

  • Applicants who are accepted must have their funding in place before they enter the program*.

  • We can only receive new guests if we have vacancies.

  • There is no waiting list.

  • We pay special attention to the applicant’s spiritual condition and commitment as well as their personal goals.

  • Restoration ABBA Homes is not a halfway house - Jesus doesn’t do things halfway.*

  • We offer the opportunity for men and women  18– older  seeking God to have a home and a family in Christ.

* Room for consideration

The Application Request Form is here.


Services Offered

Restoration Abba House Ministries


Restoration Abba House for Men is for men returning home from prison, jail or rehabilitation centers that are interested in Christ Center environment for Restoration the way God intended.

Restoration Abbba House Ministries-Cabins

Charlotte, MI

Restoration Abba House is for  husband and wife in need of a family reunification services with a Christian Worldview practice.

Restoration Abba House Ministries-Men & Women

Jackson, MI

Restoration Abba Homes for Men and Women offer services for those with  family reunification and transitional housing needs to those who are seriouly seeking to be restored the way God has intended. 

Restoration Abba House Ministries-Elders Care

Jackson, MI

Restoration Abba House- Grace Aftercare has been created for men and women who have been incarcerated and are in need of assisted living help and services after release. 

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