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Help Restoration Abba House Ministries

Restoration Abba Housing appreciate a gift of any amount: And is dedicated to helping those affected by crime and incarceration. Both male and female with a need for reintegration. To often these returning citizens and their families encounter barriers after paying their debt to society. Which brings us to the point in which this organization was formed. We believe everybody deserves a second chance . This is a great place to start rebuilding lives without stigma and shame. 

When you sponsor a home, person or person's through RAH, you invest in personalized benefits that support goals chosen by, the sponsored individual and  family. Restoration Abba Homes expenses go toward program support. You can rest assured your contributions are working to meet the needs of a sponsored friend or loved one. For your most generous gift of support helps us better provide services for those in transitional housing outreach globally. 

 Any donation, when combined with the gifts  and services of others, has a powerful influence ensures that we can continue to invest in the needs of our community.


Ways you can donate:


  If  giving in person by check or physical in kind donation your gifts are appreciated. We host a number of events throughout the year. Contact Esther Project 31 if you are interested in sponsorship opportunities. 


Give by Mail form. If you are not able to use or print the form, you can mail your check to the address believe. Please be sure to include your full name, phone number, and indicate which fund you would like to support.

By Email

In Person


Credit & Debit Card - Donors can give using any major credit card or ACH bank transfer - Bank transfer donations are supported by Planning Center Giving. Donors can set it up and manage their connected accounts themselves, or you can help them get it configured on the admin side of Giving.



Mobile giving is quick way to give  and will be available soon. We know more and more people are comfortable using their mobile phones to make a donation, text via apps on  smartphones.Check back in with us and we will be sure to accommodate you for convenience. 


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