It's a wonderful day to create your legacy with the Beauty Consultants of our business. Legacy Co-Collaborates with former Jackson Beauty Academy- KSA was founded over 30 yrs. ago and later inherited by the Former Owner: Kim Sheridan. Legacy has come from a family of Hairstylists, Makeup, Barbers, and Natural Haircultralist Artistry. Legacy Co. Salon & Spa Beauty Academy New Management seeks to continue this trend and supply services that will keep the torch of Legacy Jackson Beauty Academy a Quality Experience of Beauty. We seek to equip both the Salon & Spa-Beauty Academy with the latest technology and innovative styles and techniques.​  


The Legacy Workforce Development Station created a program that supports returning citizens' workplaces and entrepreneurship opportunities by addressing employment barriers to economic growth and prosperity for all Michiganders. Many unemployed and underemployed individuals face challenges that are extremely difficult to overcome without support. Community leaders, who seek the best for their communities, do not always have the time, tools, or cooperation to implement and maintain long-lasting solutions. Legacy Jobs for Life service provides training for the un/unemployed and a vision of the ‘Dignity of Work’ for a lifetime. 

Beauty Consultant

  • Make product recommendations

  • Offer skincare consultations and makeovers

  • Demonstrate makeup techniques

  • Provide samples

  • Answer customer questions

  • Assist with other tasks as needed

  • Hairstylist & Natural Hair Cultist

  • Baber

  • Nail Technicians

  • Estestians 

  •  Make-Up Artistry 

We welcome all newcomers and present clients 





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