About Us

Esther Project 31 was  formed to offer services that balance justice with mercy for returning citizens, and victims of crime . How? With Restorative Justice Solutions. Esther is comprised of  a steering team that assists its "Faith-Based Navigators" and Community Service Agencies with individualized service plans for those impacted by crisis.
Esther Project 31’s Belief: God can restore a man or woman with healing back in right relationships with himself , family and community.
Our Services Are:" Bridging the gaps that divide our families and community service agencies. Leadership Training, Advocacy, Job Development , Education, Housing, Mental Health Services, Parenting Support and Support Groups 
Core Values
For such a time as this: Stewardship, Servanthood, Collaboration, Integrity, and Humanity will lead us into a brighter future by a united effort to bring about change.
Our Team:
Vanessa R.
Micah DM.

Lead Administrator 


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